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Launch of the new EECS Website

3:40 p.m. Jul 25, 2016

The new EECS website was launched today. There is a home EECS page at eecs.berkeley.edu as well as division home pages at cs.berkeley.edu and ee.berkeley.edu.

Web ~ (tilde) Home Pages are Moving to New Server on 5/24/16

Updated 4:05 p.m. May 24, 2016

Web ~ (tilde) home pages that are currently hosted on www.eecs and www.cs are moving to homepages.eecs and homepages.cs on Tuesday 5/24/16. Permanent redirects will be added to ensure that the old URLs continue to work.

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Low Severity

login.eecs downtime Tuesday July 26, 2016 06:30-08:00am

Updated 6:49 a.m. Jul 26, 2016

login.EECS.Berkeley.EDU will be down for patching and needed reboot to activate changes delivered by some Oracle patches.

Incident Resolved Scheduled Maintenance Resolved

Low Severity

Border Firewall Upgrade, Sat. 7/30 3PM

Updated 3:34 p.m. Jul 25, 2016

We will be performing a software upgrade of our border firewalls at 3PM on this Saturday, July 30th. Per the vendor, no service interruptions are expected, but short outages of our Internet connection are possible.

Loss of Battery Backup in 290 Soda Machine Room

Updated 11:13 a.m. Jul 25, 2016

Our primary machine room, 290 Soda, has lost battery backup power. Until battery backup is replaced, systems in 290 will be reliant upon standard building power.

High Severity

Internet Connectivity Issue 7/21/16

9:36 a.m. Jul 21, 2016

EECS was separated from the Internet between 8:06 and 9:13 AM this morning due to a firewall failure. Service has been restored.

Incident Resolved Unplanned Outage Resolved

End of Service for EECS-Guest, EECS-Robonet, and legacy AirBears

11:24 a.m. Jul 12, 2016

Due to low usage and a desire to improve overall wireless network performance, we will be retiring the EECS-Guest, EECS-Robonet, and AirBears (not AirBears2) wireless networks by the end of the month.

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Services Status

Low Severity

IST Service Status

Outages to IST equipment are listed at ucbsystems.org.