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Email and URL forwarding for closed accounts

9:25 a.m. Jan 24, 2014

After an IRIS account is closed, we can continue email forwarding and redirect your website.

end of life for Microsoft Windows XP

11:52 a.m. Jun 07, 2013

Support ends for Microsoft Windows XP April 8, 2014.

Please plan to upgrade or replace all devices running Microsoft Windows XP before April 8, 2014.

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Low Severity

login.eecs downtime Tuesday April 22, 2014 06:30-08:00am

Updated 6:40 a.m. Apr 22, 2014

login.EECS.Berkeley.EDU will be down for patching and needed reboot to activate changes delivered by some Oracle patches.

Incident Resolved Scheduled Maintenance Resolved

High Severity

Authentication Trouble

Updated 1:53 p.m. Apr 21, 2014

We’re getting reports of trouble authenticating to various EECS resources (EECS-Secure, LDAP). Staff are investigating.

Incident Resolved Unplanned Outage Resolved

High Severity

Department Mailing List Server reboot 11pm April 8

10:37 p.m. Apr 08, 2014

The Department’s mailing list server, lists.eecs, will be down briefly tonight for emergency patching.

Incident Resolved Emergency Maintenance Resolved

Did you check your https server for the OpenSSL “Heartbleed” vulnerability?

4:46 p.m. Apr 08, 2014

System administrators running https web servers should check that their servers are secured from the OpenSSL “Heartbleed” vulnerability.

If you have any questions, please contact the IRIS Helpdesk.

Low Severity

April 2014 Server Patching

9:25 a.m. Apr 07, 2014

Microsoft will release their patches for the month on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014. Production servers will be down for patching.

Incident Resolved Scheduled Maintenance Resolved

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Services Status

Low Severity

IST Service Status

Outages to IST equipment are listed at ucbsystems.org.