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FAQ/ Network/ How do I get my computer on the network?

Connecting a computer to the EECS network is a four step process:

  1. First, read and understand the network policies, configure your computer to minimize network vulnerabilities, and secure your computer against the latest threats.
  2. Next, gather information about your computer and connection . If you need a wired connection, you will have to locate a network port. You'll also need to provide other details including serial numbers and model information.
  3. Register your computer with the EECS Hostmaster. After your registration is processed, you will receive e-mail containing configuration information needed to connect to the network.
  4. Using the provided information, configure your machine to talk on the network.

Step One - Read the Network Policy and Secure your Computer

Devices connected to EECS Networks must abide by the IRIS Network Policy.

Many of the latest computer viruses and worms are constantly scanning the Internet for insecure machines. It is not safe to put your computer on the network until it is fully patched against all the latest threats and AntiVirus software is installed.

Step Two - Gather Information

Before you register your computer, gather some information. During the registration process, you will be asked the following:

Tip: Try to find a port which is activated but which has no hosts assigned. You can use these ports immediately. Ports which are not activated can take up to 10 business days to activate. If you need to have a port activated, we have forms available on our website where you can submit your request.

Tip: You can connect more than one device to one network port. To do so, use the same port when registering each device and purchase a local switch from the Helpdesk.

Step Three - Register Your Computer

Now that you have collected the necessary information, you can complete the registration process. Visit the IRIS Network Page and click on Register a Device. The wizard will guide you through the registration process.

There is no charge to register a system. For basic DHCP clients on networks for which IRIS provides DHCP service, the request will be automatically approved and DHCP support will begin in 30 minutes or less. The on-screen message from the Device Registration form and the the email confirmation you receive will tell you if your request was automatically approved. In this case, proceed immediately to step four.

For more complicated requests (such as fixed-ip requests or requests for unusual equipment), the request will be processed by the EECS hostmaster within 2 business days, and you will receive a second email when your request is complete. Requests which require a new port activaton can take up to an additional two weeks. Once hostmaster has confirmed the registration, proceed to step four.

Step Four - Configure Your Machine

Configuring your machine with the information provided by hostmaster is largely left as an exercise to the reader.

If you need help, we recommend you contact the department’s Computer User Support Group, whose services are available on a recharge basis.

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