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FAQ/ Windows/ Software

Installing Software from Control Panel

Some software may be available for installation from the Add/Remove Programs control panel. In the Windows domain environment, this software must be packaged to use the Microsoft Installer (MSI) service, and then published via group policy. Not all software is MSI-ready or easily packaged as an MSI, so the selection will differ from that available on WINSWW.

Installing Software from WINSWW

Additional software may be available for installation directly from our Windows SoftWare Warehouse (WINSWW). This software is found in \\winsww\sww\public. Note that \\winsww\sww is a DFS root; research groups who wish to run their own software warehouses (for non-site-licensed software, for example) are invited to have IDSG set up a DFS link off \\winsww to their shares.

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