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Services/ E-mail

There are several kinds of email accounts in the department. This page primarily describes full featured departmental email accounts for faculty, staff, graduate students, and others sponsored by faculty.

E-mail Account Details

All departmental email addresses have the form:


There are two possibilities for what happens to mail sent to this address:

  1. For people who are eligible for a bConnected account, we prefer to make yourlogin@eecs.berkeley.edu an alias for your bMail (aka your @berkeley.edu) email account. That means mail sent to yourlogin@eecs.berkeley.edu is just delivered to your @berkeley.edu account.
  2. You can manage and view all aliases through the MyBconnected website.
  3. For people who were never eligible or no longer eligible for a bConnected account, we can forward yourlogin@eecs.berkeley.edu to any off-campus address.

We recommend using your @eecs.berkeley.edu address (as opposed to some outside personal email address, or your @berkeley.edu email address) for a few reasons:

Mail Forwarding

If you wish, you can change where yourlogin@eecs.berkeley.edu is forwarded:

  1. People with a bMail account can follow the instructions given in the campus Knowledge Base.
  2. Anyone else can email help@eecs.berkeley.edu to ask for your forwarding address to be updated.

Note: .forward files are not seen or honored by the mail exchanger for eecs.berkeley.edu.

Closed Account Mail Forwarding

When an IRIS account is closed, mail forwarding configured to an off-campus address will continue, unless otherwise requested by the account owner.

Retired Faculty and Staff may make arrangements to retain their Google accounts. See The Retirement Center for more details. Alumni are now eligible to retain bConnected Google accounts through the Cal Alumni Network.

If @eecs email forwarding begins to bounce in a permanent way (such as "User unknown" or the remote mailserver no longer accepts any email for an extended period of time or the remote mailserver is removed from DNS), we reserve the right to end the courtesy of @eecs email forwarding immediately.

In cases where the remote mailserver is refusing to accept all messages being forwarded via @eecs email forwarding, we reserve the right to begin the graceful retirement of that EECS department email address and its @eecs email forwarding.

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