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FAQ/ Accounts/ Email

How do I get an email account?

New Faculty, Staff, Researchers, or Students

The campus provides the bConnected suite of collaboration tools, which includes email, calendar and a drive to store files. See the bConnected website for details. New users can create their bConnected account there after they have activated their CalNet identity.

How to get @eecs.berkeley.edu or @cs.berkeley.edu address

Additionally, EECS Faculty, Staff and Researchers residing in Soda, Cory or Sutardja-Dai Halls should also have an EECS Account, which includes an @eecs.berkeley.edu and @cs.berkeley.edu email address. These are sponsored accounts with a monthly fee which give access to a wide variety of additional services.. To set your EECS account as your default address in bMail, follow the instructions in the Campus Knowledge Base article.

EECS Instructional Accounts

If you are an undergraduate student in EECS you will need to get an instructional computer account. Instructions on how to get a class account can be found on the EECS Instructional Group's website.

Non-EECS Students

If you are a student, but you are not in EECS, you can get still get a Berkeley email account. To get a bMail account; see the bConnected website.

What email programs are supported, and how do I configure them?

Most people will want to use the web interface at bmail.berkeley.edu. If you want to use another mail client, you can check the campus knowledge base for articles on enabling IMAP and configuring your mail client.

How do I forward my email to another email address?

If you have an active bMail account, see this campus knowledgebase article.

If you no longer have an active bMail account or CalNet ID, then you may update your forwarding by sending a request to help@eecs. Your mail can be forwarded to more than one mail server at a time (so you can have multiple copies sent to multiple mail servers, if you want).

What are the various EECS email aliases?

The EECS department has a number of email aliases which can be used for administrative or technical support or to contact students, staff and/or faculty.

These aliases are for department use only. Please do not give out any of these aliases to the general public.

Note: These pages require LDAP authentication if accessed outside of the EECS network.

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