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Account Procedures

Account Creations

A new, EECS computing account (“account” in this document) can be requested by filling out and submitting an account request form.

Account Sponsor

All accounts must have a sponsor. For staff, this will be your supervisor (as listed on personnel records). For students, this will be your advisor. First-year graduate students will list the department’s administrative management. Visitors will list their faculty sponsor. Faculty will list the department chair.

Account Charges

Types of Charges

At this time, all accounts incur three minimum monthly charges:

These charges are explained in detail on the IRIS rates page.

All accounts include most services a person will need for Unix or Windows work.

Usage of additional resources (e.g. disk usage over the included amount) will result in additional charges. Research Support Officers (RSO) or account sponsors can request disk quotas for accounts to prevent these additional charges from accruing.


A UC Chart of Accounts (COA) string must be provided at the time the account is requested, and the e-mail address of the RSO who administers that fund must also be provided.

Billing is done on a monthly basis and charges are not pro-rated. Accounts will be charged for an entire month if they are active at any time during that month.

Preliminary bills for the preceding month will be e-mailed to all RSOs by the sixth of each month. RSOs will have a minimum of ten days to send corrections back to idsg-admin@eecs. Final bills will be posted by the end of the month.

Account Closures

When an account is requested, an expiration date can be specified. This is typically used for students or visitors. For full-time staff or others with an open-ended appointment, the expiration date is left unspecified.

This results in two types of account closures: expired and ad-hoc.

Expired Account Closures (expired accounts or expired funds)

On the first of each month, we generate a list of all accounts that are set to expire at the end of that month. The RSO and account sponsor will be sent an e-mail notifying them of the impending expiration. They have until the end of the month to contact idsg-admin@eecs to request an extension.

The list will also include user accounts which are being funded by COAs that are due to expire.

On the 16th of the each month, any accounts which are still set to expire will receive our standard two-week notice.

Ad-hoc Account Closures

This is type of closure when an open-ended account must be closed; for example, when an employee leaves the department.

Requests for ad-hoc closures should be sent to idsg-admin@eecs and should include:

In order to be able to send the two-week notice, ad-hoc closure requests must be received by the 15th of the month in order to have charges stop by the end of that month. Requests sent after the 15th will be closed at the end of the following month and charges will accrue until the account is closed.

An immediate account closure with no warning to the user can only be requested by the user’s immediate supervisor, the department administrative management or, the EECS or ERSO personnel manager. These requests should be sent to the department’s Director of Computing.

Currently, there are many state and UC policies protecting user privacy. This includes the data stored in the user’s private accounts, such as home directories and e-mail folders. Even after an account is closed, the data is still protected and can not be viewed or processed by others without the owner’s consent or under specific conditions (see the University of California Electronic Communications Policy). It is therefore necessary for us to require a written or e-mail release from the owner of the account before we can recover the data for a third party to access. We therefore suggest that all groups require their staff and students to routinely store critical documents in a shared disk repository (what we call project space), and to work with account holders to transfer critical documents or e-mail before their appointments are ended.

Reopening Accounts

If an account is closed and then requested to be reopened and files restored, the account sponsor will have to pay “time and materials” charges (usually around $90.00) for the time spent restoring the files from backup tapes. Once the account has been reopened, the user can set their Window/Ldap and Unix passwords here.

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