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FAQ/ Network/ EECS-Secure Wireless


EECS-Secure is an 802.1x encrypted wireless network. It utilizes WPA2-Enterprise security, with AES encryption and PEAP authentication; access is granted based on your EECS Windows account credentials. As with other EECS networks, your machine must be registered before using the EECS-Secure wireless network.

These settings should be used to connect to EECS-Secure:

During the connection process, your wireless client may indicate that the server certificate for EECS-Secure is presented by clearpass.EECS.Berkeley.EDU and issued by InCommon Certification Authority (2048).


Some systems may need to install the root and intermediate certificates from our new SSL certificate authority. These certificates can be downloaded from here:

Root and intermediate certificates:

Fingerprint: 02 fa f3 e2 91 43 54 68 60 78 57 69 4d f5 e4 5b 68 85 18 68

Server Certificate:

Fingerprint: 4e 7d e4 cd e8 5f 32 60 d6 fc 32 4d 0d 30 07 f7 bd 2d 14 17

Full certificate chain:

Fingerprint: 02 fa f3 e2 91 43 54 68 60 78 57 69 4d f5 e4 5b 68 85 18 68

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