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Services/ Approved FY 2018–2019 Recharge Rates

July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019

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User Account Fees

User Account Fee Summary (per month)

EECS Full Account CIF: $90/person/month, billed monthly

This fee is applied to all persons with an EECS Full Account and/or who make use of EECS computing and networking services that are managed by IRIS. The following is an estimate of how it is being used for various infrastructural services provided.

Summary of EECS IRIS recharge rates for FY 2018–19

EECS Account Types

There is one other account type in EECS, in addition to the standard account listed above. See the accounts page for more detailed information on what is included in this account.

Limited Account
This account type replaces the former Alumni, Collaborator and Emeritus account types. This account type offers limited services but is often appropriate for non-resident collaborators. The charge is $29/month per account.

ICF (Infrastructure Capitalization Fee): $10/person/month for Cory, Soda, Calvin and Sutardja Dai Hall users, $3/person/month for non-residents

All IRIS users currently paying CIF will be billed this monthly rate. IRIS users not residing in Cory, Soda, Calvin or Sutardja Dai will be paying approximately 25% of the full cost. EECS Instructional will be paying the full equivalent. This rate will allow IRIS users to have ports and wireless access without any other additional costs.

Storage Infrastructure Fee

All Full account holders pay a monthly fee of $10 which includes 20GB of disk storage for a home directory on home.eecs (our home directory fileserver). Any usage over the included allocation is charged at $0.05/GB/month.

Directory sizes are checked once a day, and we bill for the average usage value for the month. Backups are included.

Other types of accounts have reduced costs and reduced disk allocations. This chart summarizes the SIF rates.

Storage Infrastructure Fee (SIF) Summary, FY18-19
Account Type Monthly Fee Included Storage
Full $10 20GB
Limited $5 10GB

Disk Storage Fees

Project Space: $0.05/GB/month

We maintain a fileserver (project.eecs.berkeley.edu) for long-term projects, where several people in a group can share data. The recharge rate is the same as for home ($.05/GB/month), and backups are similarly included. There are no up-front charges to create new project volumes, which can be requested with an online form.

Project space backups are on the same schedule as home directory storage. For archival storage of infrequently-changing data, see the archival storage section below.

Archival Data Storage: $0.03 GB/month

"Archival" Disk storage means: No snapshots. Quarterly data replication to a remote site only, i.e. on a fixed every-three-month schedule. There is a risk of loss for data put there right after the last quarterly scheduled backup.

System Adminstration Fees

For the official descriptions, terms, and conditions of the following services please see CUSG’s website.

System Administraton Contract: billed annually

These contracts are on a yearly basis, either a workstation or a server management contract. Once a system is on contract, it is committed for one year unless the system is being salvaged. A replacement machine for a salvaged system can take over the contract. The FY18–19 rate for a desktop contract is $900/year. A server contract is $2700/year. A server contract on a campus Virtual Private Server (VPS) is $1800/year.

Networked Printer Contract: billed annually

CUSG can set up, configure, and monitor your networked printer, ensuring that it complies with campus security policies, for $150/year.

Time and Material: billed monthly

CUSG system administration T&M rate for FY18–19 is $95.00/hour.

Historical Rates

View how our rates have changed over the years.

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