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Services/ Software Warehouse

The Software Warehouse (SWW) provides a library of precompiled application and system software for the most popular operating systems used in the Department.

SWW users enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Each machine does not need to have gigabytes of software locally installed. Using automounter, NIS, and NFS the software appears in a easily accessible file system.
  2. New installations of operating systems are up and productive in a short time, and users can move from one computer to another and find the same basic applications.
  3. Users and system administrators are relieved from having to compile and install all the basic software that is needed on each new computer.

Due to basic differences in how new applications are installed, please note that the Windows SWW functions rather differently than the Unix SWW.

For details, see Software Warehouse Service on IDSG’s website.

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It is always best to first contact your system administrator or the helpdesk for problem reports since they may already know the answer to your question.

For requests, bug reports, help, or general questions about SWW, e-mail sww@eecs.

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