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The university computing environment is traditionally very open. A number of security policies and guidelines have been adopted over time to help maintain the security of our computing environment.

The EECS Sysadmins’ Mailing Lists

Notifications of known vulnerabilities are generally distributed to the eecs-sysadmins mailing list. If you manage systems in EECS, you are required to be subscribed to this mailing list.

To subscribe, send a message containing the word “subscribe” in the body of the message to cory-sysadmins-request@eecs or soda-sysadmins-request@eecs, depending on in which building your systems are located.

Contacting the EECS Security Officer

Any questions or reports about computer security in the department should be directed to security@eecs. This address is monitored by the department’s security officer and other departmental sysadmins. Sensitive reports that should not be e-mailed can be reported to the helpdesk at (510) 642-7777.

How do I secure my machine?

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