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Services/ Backups

Central Servers Disaster Recovery Policy

IRIS staff will provide disaster recovery services for all infrastructure services and servers. This includes home directories on the home file server, project space on the project file server, and mail folders on imap.

The current policy is:

Daily Backups Status

IDSG regularly posts daily backup reports.

Restore Requests

Restores of data are usually free, and will be done on a first-come-first-served basis (see above). Occasionally there were will be delays due to the unavailability of a tape drive or other emergencies, but are usually done within 24–48 hours. In some cases, users can perform their own restores, via the use of the “snapshot” feature we have on the file servers (home and project). Please contact the helpdesk for assistance.

Archival restores will be done on a T&M basis. Excessive restores will also be done on a T&M basis (requests such as “restore my INBOX and TRASH folders for the past 20 days” are considered excessive).

Restore requests can be made via the completion (with accurate data) and submission of the data recovery request form.

Monthly Backup Recharge Reports

Due to security and privacy concerns, only an an authorized RSO will have access to all IRIS monthly recharge reports.

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