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Wired Network

IRIS maintains a reliable wired network throughout Soda and Cory Halls. The “production network” is entirely 1000BASE-T switched Ethernet. The network backbone is 10 Gigabit Ethernet. On these subnets, IRIS maintains central network services such as DHCP, DNS, and NTP and monitors and regulates activity.

Other subnets in EECS are private research networks. These networks are maintained by research groups for specific projects that might disrupt production traffic. On these networks, all services (aside from the gateway connection at the router) are provided by the research group.

The production network is intended to be extremely reliable for everyone using it; it is more carefully regulated than the research networks, which are more flexibly managed.

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Wireless Network

EECS maintains comprehensive IEEE 802.11n compliant wireless networks, covering Soda, Cory, and Sutardja Dai Halls, among other places.

Centrally managed Cisco Aironet hardware allows multiple virtual wireless LANs on the same access points. This enables us to broadcast the campuswide AirBears signal as well as EECS specific SSIDs, which offer better security and higher performance.

For more information on our wireless infrastructure, please see the following:

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