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News/ inst.eecs service currently offline

By Lars Rohrbach

Published 9:38 a.m. Apr 16, 2019

High Severity

Unplanned Outage

Services Affected Other

Began 12:40 a.m. Apr 16, 2019

Incident Resolved

Resolved 9:40 a.m. Apr 16, 2019

The inst.eecs server is currently offline. Staff are investigating.


inst.eecs service restored

Lars Rohrbach at 9:52 a.m. Apr 16, 2019

Incident Resolved

Unplanned Outage Resolved

The inst.eecs server was brought back online, and services on inst.eecs are now restored.

Services Status


IST Service Status

Outages to IST equipment are listed at berkeley.statusdashboard.com.