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News/ login.eecs downtime - Thusday January 31, 2019 06:30-07:00am

By mark kraitchman

Published 11:04 a.m. Jan 30, 2019

Low Severity

Scheduled Maintenance

Services Affected Unix Login Server

Began 6:30 a.m. Jan 31, 2019

Incident Resolved

Resolved 6:30 a.m. Jan 31, 2019

login.EECS.Berkeley.EDU will be down for patching and needed reboot to activate changes delivered by some RHEL patches.

Though the scheduled downtime is 6:30am to 7am, we expect actual downtime to be less.


login.eecs service has resumed January 31, 2019

mark kraitchman at 6:44 a.m. Jan 31, 2019

Incident Resolved

Scheduled Maintenance Resolved

login.eecs is back up. Maintenance has been completed.

Services Status


IST Service Status

Outages to IST equipment are listed at berkeley.statusdashboard.com.