The EECS Data Warehouse Project


The Data Warehouse project will provide an Information System infrastructure upon which applications can be built in support of various departmental functions. For the initial version, the primary functions that must be supported are:


This project will involve consolidating databases currently used by the different support groups in EECS, deployed on a variety of platforms including LDAP, mysql, postgres, Oracle, Excel and flat files. For any databases that are not directly integrated, we plan on having all information mirrored in DW so that there is a single repository of all mission-critical information in the department. All public information will be mirrored in an LDAP directory to simplify application development for groups within the department.

The initial work will involve designing the databases and creating web-based applications to replace the current ways EECS staff are maintaining this information. Wherever possible, procedures performed manually now will be automated, freeing up valuable staff time and decreasing turnaround time on routine requests.

Once this backend infrastructure is in place, the eventual goal is to provide an "EECS Portal", a web site where members of the EECS community can get customized information about EECS services, and where they can make changes to their accounts (e.g. set up vacation message, mail forwarding, change their directory information, password, etc), make requests (e.g. room scheduling, building maintenance requests), view a calendar of departmental events, etc.

The PEOPLE part of this project is called the Roster Database. Roster DB 2.0 was released on May 22, 2002, and is discussed elsewhere.(Should be some online docs?) The NETWORK ports and notes is the current phase of this project.

The REQUESTS phase will be scheduled after completion of or at the later stages of the NETWORK phase.


Currently there are a number of online "forms" for handling requests for various services. A "form" implies a static series of blanks to be filled in; as this system will be much more dynamic, I will call the replacements "applications". The various applications that will be suppported in the early versions will allow users to:

Project Timeline

  1. PEOPLE - Roster DB 2.0 was released May 22, 2002
  2. NETWORK - The Network DB 0.9 (for internal use only) will be released Aug 5. Feedback will be solicited, and the database will hopefully go live with 1.0beta (still for internal use only) Aug 12.  Version 1.0 (allowing authorized sysadmins in the dept to make certain changes) will be released September 2, 2002.
  4. EECS Portal - Specifications still need to be developed, making a date estimate difficult at this time. But some version of an EECS Portal will be available by Oct 30, 2002.

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