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Forms/ Certificate Request

UC Berkeley is a member of the InCommon federation. One benefit of our membership is unlimited free SSL certificates for berkeley.edu hosts.

IRIS staff have been delegated the ability to create InCommon-Comodo SSL certificates for the subdomains used on the IRIS networks.

If you are the registered system administrator of a device on the IRIS network, please use this webform to submit CSRs to IRIS staff instead of contacting calnet-pki@lists.b.e.

The CalNet InCommon-Comodo Certificate Service documentation includes instructions for creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

Note: Effective Dec 20, 2010, all requests must use a key length of 2048 bits or greater.

General Information

You will be asked for your EECS LDAP password. IRIS staff may take additional steps to verify your identity and the validity of your CSR.

Services Status