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About Us

We are part of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of California at Berkeley, led by the EECS Director of IT, and overseen by the Computing, Networking and Instructional Laboratories Committee.

Our mission is to provide computing and networking services in support of the department’s instructional and research goals, thus enabling a state-of-the-art, fully integrated and highly available technical infrastructure, with a proactive, rapid, knowledgeable, and helpful front-end to the needs of our student, staff, researchers, and faculty clientele.


We employ both full-time staff and part-time students and are part of the larger organization supporting the entire College of Engineering (org chart):

IRIS Staff
Group Name Office Phone Email
Director Eric Fraser (510) 642-8698 fraser
Admin Caitlin Dey-Ward (510) 643-5383 caitlin
Gabe Chang (510) 642-6991 gabe
Helpdesk Helpdesk (510) 642-7777 help
CUSG/IDSG Lars Rohrbach (510) 642-6792 larsrohr
Carlos Caceres (510) 642-7778 ccaceres
Albert Goto (510) 642-7472 goto
Derek Calderon (510) 642-2338 dcalderon
Pathma Venasithamby (510) 642-7938 pathma
Mark Kraitchman (510) 643-3468 kraitch
Rob McNicholas (510) 842-7624 robm
Wendy Pennell (510) 642-0248 wpennell
Janet Shu (510) 643-5112 janetshu
Jeff Anderson-Lee (510) 643-6447 jonah
ISG Kevin Mullally (510) 643-6141 kevinm
Marcelino Enriquez (510) 642-9543 mars
Linda Huang (510) 643-6096 lindah
Erik Rogers (510) 643-6138 ejrogers

Services Status