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FAQ/ Hardware

How to send old computers to the Cal Overstock and Surplus Den

For all equipment

Record the UC Property Tag Number. If there is no UC tag then you may record the system serial number instead.

UC Property Tags are small white UPC coded adhesive labels with 9 digits; the first two digits indicate the year of purchase.

Example: 941006745 (this is a 1994 item).

For anything that has a disk drive

The disks are considered wiped if they only contain obsolete, unlicensed software and no personal data. Operating such as Microsoft Windows and OSX do not need to be removed and can remain on the disks. If there is any licensed software or sensitive data on the disks, then you need to erase the data.

Excess and Salvage will do this for you at a cost of $25.00 per disk.

If you choose to have Excess and Salvage erase your disk you will need to provide a billing chartstring. See your grant administrator about this. Please note: federal funds cannot legally be used to pay for this service. Mark the computer "To be wiped".

Alternatively, you can erase the data yourself, either through formatting the drive or using some kind of disk wiping software.

If you choose to erase the disk yourself, please be aware that you assume legal responsibility for any privacy, software licensing, or security issues relating to the contents of the disk. For this reason, we generally recommend that you pay the $25 and have Excess and Salvage do it for you. If you do erase the disk yourself, mark the computer "Wiped".

When You’re Ready

Once you have organized all your materials, recorded the UC Property Tag numbers, and have the proper funding information ready you may contact our department shipping staff for pick up.

EECS Department Shipping/Receiving

Please note, your items will not be picked up until you have provided all the information required. You may wish to make a manifest for large quantities of items that you are preparing for Excess and Salvage. This will facilitate easier accounting and transferring of tracking information.

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