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FAQ/ Accounts

How do I get an EECS account?

There are different types of accounts available in EECS, depending on what your affiliation is.

If you need an account for a class you are taking, please visit the instructional website.

If you are an EECS faculty, staff, or graduate student, or are otherwise affiliated with the department in a way which does not involve coursework (visitor, collaborator, etc.), you can request an account by filling out an account request form.

For more information on EECS departmental accounts, please look at the accounts services section of the IRIS Website.

To find out whether or not a specific login name is already taken, have someone with an LDAP login/password connect to the EECS Roster Database . Do an Advanced People Search. Under Unix Information, enter the login name, and click Search. If the login is already in use, you will see the name of the person who has it reserved. If no records are returned, the login name is available.

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How do I close an EECS account?

Account Sponsors and Grant Administrators can request the closure of one of their sponsored accounts one of two ways:

Accounts are closed on the last day of each month, and requests must be received by the 15th for closure at the end of the current month.

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Why is my account locked?

Accounts are most often locked when it is repeatedly being accessed without authorization (wrong password, etc).

What should I consider when choosing my IRIS username?

We encourage people to choose the same username for their IRIS username as they are using for their CalNet ID and @berkeley.edu email address.

Your IRIS username is used for:

Public Visibility

Your username will be part of your public web page URL, which will be http://people.eecs.berkeley.edu/~username.

Your default email address may appear on some auto-generated mailing lists.

If needed, please contact Helpdesk for further assistance.

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